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Volume Licenses

5 users: EUR 159
10 users: EUR 279
50 users: EUR 1,199
100 users: EUR 1,999
500 users: EUR 7,999
1,000 users: EUR 11,999

No shipping & handling worldwide.

For purchases from Germany the prices contain 19% value added tax.

How many licenses you need is determined by the license terms in Backer's help file, section Legal Information, topic Copyright - License - Limited Warranty - Trademarks. You can buy any number of licenses; the price is determined by the next lower threshold. E.g. 7 licenses are above the 5 threshold at EUR 159; this divided by 5, times 7, makes EUR 222.60 total.

From 50 licenses on you can buy our Premium Support in addition. See Backer's help file, section Support And Inquiries, topic Premium Support.