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Backer costs EUR 49. >Volume licenses and >upgrades available.

For purchases from Germany the price contains 19% value added tax.

How To Order

In the >trial version's help file you will find an order form. We also accept orders on corporate forms and informal orders. Choose the way that causes you the least effort, we are open for any form of order.

You will find our postal address on the order form or >here. Our e-mail address is:


An informal order can e.g. look like this:
"I order / We order 1 license Backer 7 for EUR 49. My / Our address is: ..."

How To Pay

You will receive an invoice with 30 days net cash terms.

If you live in a SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) country, please send your payment to the IBAN stated on the invoice.

If not, please pay via this link: >PayPal.

What You Will Get

You will receive your personal license key that converts the trial version into the licensed version. We will send out this key within 48 hours by e-mail.

Your personal license name is displayed in Backer under Help | About. You can choose this name as you like. The length should be from 5 to 80 characters. Unicode is not supported.