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Leanware Backer costs EUR 39. No shipping & handling worldwide. >Volume licenses and >upgrades available.

For purchases from Germany the price contains 19% value added tax.

What You Will Get

You will receive your personal license key that converts the trial version into the licensed version. This key will be sent out within 48 hours by e-mail (or by letter, respectively, if you do not give an e-mail address).

If you haven't received your license key by e-mail after 72 hours, it is safe to assume that our e-mail was filtered out. Before asking us to resend it, please adjust your spam filter, e.g. by white-listing the sender address Or look into your spam folder for an e-mail from this address in the relevant time frame. By the way, if you use an anti-spam service that requires a confirmation by hand for first-time senders: Such a receiving address is inappropriate for a computer-generated e-mail like the one with your license key. Please use another address.

From 10 licenses on we will provide you with a download link for the licensed version that does not require a license key, thus facilitating the roll-out for you. This download will be available for 14 days. Alternatively, we will send you the licensed version by e-mail or on CD if you tell us so when buying or in a separate message.

When buying please give a name to be displayed in the program under Help | About. For private purchases this can be your personal name, for companies the company name -- but you might as well choose a nickname or your department. The length should be from 5 to 80 characters. Diacritical marks, umlauts and special characters like @ are allowed, and you can spread the name to two lines.

Ways to Buy