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There is no licensed version for download. The >trial version is your upgrade. You will need a license key from us to convert the trial version into the licensed version.

Free Upgrade

The upgrade is free if you have bought Backer 6.6 or higher as a full version or as an upgrade. Please request your new license key by >e-mail and give us the first approx. 20 characters of your current license key.

Customers with 10 or more licenses typically have a licensed version that does not need a license key. If on the basis of the trial version you have decided that you want to upgrade, you may request a licensed copy. We will then provide it as a download. Of course you may request a new license key also.

Upgrade Prices

If you do not qualify for the free upgrade, but have bought version 6.0 or higher:

1 user: EUR 26
5 users: EUR 99
10 users: EUR 169
50 users: EUR 719
100 users: EUR 1,199
500 users: EUR 4,799
1,000 users: EUR 7,199

For purchases from Germany the prices contain 19% value added tax.