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What Users Say

"I have used Backer from the 4.0 release until present. Thank you for a very excellent product! It works well, is easy to use, has had very few bugs, and upgrades are painless.
It is a fine example for how software should operate."
B. Branan, Fort Lauderdale, USA

"The latest version of Backer is SUPERB!!! I have been a registered user since version 4, and I have version 6.1. As you indicated in your web site, it is blindingly fast!!"
C. Wallace, Northridge, USA

"I just wanted to write to commend your work in Backer 6. I've been looking for a decent backup / synchronisation tool for some time and now I've found it!
It takes a lot to impress me with software, but the 'logic' and customisation built into Backer makes it one heck of a useful tool to me.
Your help file is VERY comprehensive, one of the best I've seen actually."
R. Corbett, Weymouth, United Kingdom

"I'm absolutely delighted with Backer.
Kudos to the development team, Backer is one of the most useful and trouble-free utilities I've bought in a long time."
F. Marchand, Carnieres, Belgium

"I am really impressed by your response time to questions!!! Stellar!!"
B. Brydges, San Rafael, USA