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Element 5

Element 5 is a German-American reseller of software over the Internet. The order system offers numerous payment methods, currencies and languages. Currencies other than EUR are converted at the current exchange rate plus 5%.

Purchases by credit card are considered paid with the completion of the purchasing process. Credit cards are the fastest way to obtain the license key.

Purchases are processed online via secure connections. Alternatively, Element 5 accepts purchases by fax also. You will find the pertaining link at the end of the page on which you enter your personal information.

We will send out your license key by e-mail within 48 hours after the payment has arrived. That's why an e-mail address is mandatory, even when buying by fax.

>Buy via Element 5

Your contract partner when buying via Element 5 is Element 5, not us, >Cordes Development.

Sales tax / value added tax may apply for certain countries. The exact amount is shown before the purchase is completed.

Please note:
The page on which you enter your personal information has a field labeled License to. This is the name the license key is calculated from, e.g. "John Doe" or "My Company".

You have bought via Element 5 and want information about your purchase? You have questions about buying, payment processing or delivery? You want to print your invoice? You can find the answers at Element 5's >customer service.
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